History of Fort Andross
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Fort Andross History 1688
Fort Andross established, as a trading post for fur trappers and as a garrison built during King William's war.
1715 Fort George, a stone fort, is built on the Fort Andross site to protect the settlers from Indians. 1809 Industrialist developers of the Brunswick Cotton Manufacturing Company, harnessed the Androscoggin River's power at the Pejepscot Falls and built the first cotton mill in Maine to make yarn. 1812 Purchased in 1812, the mill was enlarged by the Maine Cotton & Woolen Factory Company. 1857 The Mill is rebranded and further expanded as the Cabot Manufacturing Co. succeeding the Warumbo Manufacturing Company. 1890 Maine Street is moved to provide for further expansion of the Mill. 1930 By the 1930's Cabot Mill employed over 1,100 workers in the textile manufacturing industry. 1950 The Mill is used for textile and shoe manufacturing and becomes the Verney Mill. 1986 - Current The Mill was purchased by Waterfront Maine, and for the past 24 years it has undergone constant renovation.